Bicycles for Humanity

Here is a link to one of my favorite non-profit groups; Bicycles for Humanity and they have a video on their page from Namibia that is pretty good.

To understand the value of a bike in a developing country, try to imagine a busy street (if you are in USA or a well off country) that is usually filled with cars. Now take away all the cars and the people are all walking, with a few shuttle vans packed and bicycles. A bike is like a car incredibly valuable. I am a carpenter and have a van for my trade. I have seen workers with a load of wood on their bike.

Photo of main street going into Beira, Mozambique

How much does a bike cost in a developing country? About $150- for a steel frame bike. But a good job pays about $3- per day. XXXXXXXXXX makes me mad!! There is something not right about this. I go to our city dump regularly and see the bikes in our metal recycle bin. Bicycles for humanity is providing the opportunity for us to send bikes around the world. Please check them out. See more pics of Mozambique in gallery to right >>>

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