Kedesh boys home

Kedesh Sanctuario is an orphanage in Mozambique; link > Kedesh. They have a great new video on their website even explaining recent civil wars. It is run by an old friend of mine and I got to visit there a few years ago. Photos are in the gallery to the right>>>

At Kedesh about 30 boys age 8-18 live under the care of John with staff Heather approved by Mozambique. John teachers the young men construction skills and they attend school. Kedesh also provides care for many local widows. When I was there they were building a small house for one lady who is grandmother to 3 of the boys.

During my visit I talked with John a bit about social issues and capitalism vs socialism. The culture in Africa is more communal which is not identical to socialism but shares some traits. In a communal system things are shared more and less emphasis put on personal ownership of property. There are huge strengths to this that we could use in our individualistic society here (USA). However the weakness in communal system might be a lack of personal responsibility. After batting around the pros n cons John gave me the summary I think is right on, “sin, or man’s corruption of things seems to bring out the worst of either system”

There is also so much corruption in the government that being a government official or police officer is like being a maffia. Ii is obvious that colonialism was a horrible thing that damaged the only God given government they had prior, their tribal system. Often our nice democracies do not work in other places because there is not an ethical or spiritual framework in place to support a constitutional government. I also observed a lot of aid from western organizations. We often wonder the effectiveness of these groups. When I went that was one of my quests, to see for myself what was going on. I concluded that if it were not for outside help a country like this would be severely in trouble.

Boys shepherd goats

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