Japan workers; shokunin

When I travel I am always interested in the working people. In Japan the word is shokunin.

Above a busy street in Kobe I found this very quite shop.




Ticket checker on train.










This ferry worker has the gulls trained to eat of his hand!








The Japanese version of a Salvation Army Bell Ringer in Kyoto at Christmas.






On a bike ride I came across this friendly lady. No she is not threatening me with her tool! If you tour Japan I suggest getting away from the big cities and you will find the country people very happy to meet visitors.

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2 responses to “Japan workers; shokunin

  • Edd Writer

    Are the Japanese that orderly and organized as it’s heard ?

    The stories that I’ve heard make them appear as super working robo-humans.

  • maaark

    I think their orderliness shows in things like uniforms, cleanliness, details and following authority. It is interesting to speculate what goes into a society to form its character. Confusianism is all about restoring order to society through order of authority. Japanese are very faithful to their responsibilities to society and family. Our western “freedom” is often seen as selfish irresponsiblity. So, yes a Japanese worker will stay way late at work if their boss requests. I don’t think they work any harder during their shift than Americans/westerners. But they do not talk so much on the job. Typically in a department store or mall the sales clerks stand quietly at their station faithfully waiting for a customer. They do not stand around joking with the other employees. In a bank the female tellers will all be in uniform while the male bosses stand behind like pit bosses in a casino.

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