Red Pine Lake

Upper Red Pine lake is one of the most incredible hikes in the Wasatch Mountains! And the fishin is- well actually I should keep it secret. The hike starts in Little Cottonwood Canyon at the White Pine trail head (restrooms here). Hike about 1 mile on the old jeep road until the trails fork, all is clearly marked. Cross the stream at the bridge and continue into the Lone Peak Wilderness area. The trail is moderate for another mile and then gets steeper the last mile before lower Red Pine lake. When you first see lower Red Pine lake you can take my favorite alternate short cut by veering left 45 degrees and following the natural drainage towards the upper lake. If you do not know where it is you should stay to the main trail. You will have to scramble through the boulder field after going along the east side of the first lake. The total hike is 3.5 miles each way and takes me 2 hours. Be sure to take flash light and water. I often end up descending as it is getting dark.

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